Frequently asked questions

1) Can you do a temporary tattoos? 
No. Sorry to disappoint, but temporary tattoos don't exist. There is a type of art out there called 'bodyart', and also there are pictures painted on the body with henna - all of that is temporary and is not a tattoo. I don't do any of those. I only do permanent tattoos which will remain with you for the rest of your life.

2) How long does one session usually take?
It depends on the complexity, the size and the volume of the work. But the maximum one session could go for is 6 hours.

3) How much does it cost to get a tattoo?
The price is depending on many factors such as: the size of the tattoo, the complexity, time consumption, design of the sketch etc. The price could be discussed beforehand during the selection and designing of the sketch.

4) What is allowed to bring with me to the studio during the session? 
Studio MALER TATTOO does not allow clients under the alcohol or drug influence. We care about your health and our reputation. You are allowed to bring a bottle of water, a juice or a soft drink, a sketch, CD to listen to or DVDs to watch (for your comfort during the session).

5) What sterilization methods do you use in your studio?
All equipment and tools used for applying of the tattoos are disinfected in a hot-air steriliser at a 180 оC. And all needles are disposable. Everything is sterile!

6) Is it possible to get an individual sketch?
We have a master with a higher degree in Art, he will create, figure out and develop a sketch personally for you.

7) Can I bring my own sketch for a tattoo?
Yes. You can bring your drafts, templates and drawings which will be used as a base for the sketch for your tattoo.

8) Does it hurt to get a tattoo? 
The process of getting a tattoo is almost painless. For the first 10-15 minutes you might feel unpleasant tingling feeling,which will fade away as the skin gets used to it.

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Or email the master.

Translated by Elena Koulikova