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Pavel Maler Merenkov.


Professional tattooist with a higher degree in Art. Experience with tattooing since he was 17 years of age. Professional experience since 2006. 

Pavel Maler stands out from other artists as he is not just a professional tattooist, but a real art master with appropriate education and, most importantly, he has his own very special view on art. the work by his hand is very unique, astonishing and unrepeatable, it combines different styles, brave artistic experiments and creative innovation.

Pavel sees a tattoo as a true art and he doesn't think of it just as a picture applied to human's body. To Pavel tattoo is a door that opens up to a true essence of a person's thoughts, and all those thoughts are transferred onto a body as a masterpiece. The basic principle for Pavel in his work is individuality and uniqueness of each and every one. Pavel works with his own sketches, which he creates and develops together with each client. He asks a person to think carefully about their future tattoo and create such piece which will reflect their inner self as much as possible. Pavel is very demanding with his work - he uses and combines many technics, creates unthinkable collages, tries his 100% to transfer into a piece all what is important to a person and what they want and need. Personally for Pavel every new piece - it is a step to his self development, growth and perfection.

This days Pavel owns his studio "Maler tattoo", where he works. Besides the art of Tattoo Pavel also likes painting, graphic arts, music and travelling. The main source of inspiration for him is his daughterand wife.

Pavel also provides training in tattooing for beginners.

Pavel Maler actively involves in all different festivals, conventions and competitions related to tattoo art as a judge as well as a participant.

Translated by Elena Koulikova